Chillout Chews
Natural Calm Mood + Behavior Support

Chillout Chews

Natural Calm Mood + Behavior Support for Cats and Dogs

  • Safe - even for young pets, sensitive pets, and for added support alongside prescription medications
  • Natural dietary supplement with no risky chemical drugs
  • Fuss-Free soft chew in a yummy chicken liver flavor pets love - no pills, messy powders, or unpleasant flavor to disguise
  • Support for healthful calm mood and behavior in pets
  • Recommended for support prior to your departure for work, before the arrival of guests, during storms, prior to bedtime, and for calm training sessions and positive behavior reinforcement
  • You'll Love It or Your Money Back! We're so sure you'll love Chillout Chews, we guarantee it! *
Chillout Chews bottle
Chillout Chews bottle


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When they're home alone…
When guests come over…
When it's storming outside…
When it's time for you to sleep…

While each pet is a little different, reacts a little differently, and has their own least-favorite events, as pet owners, we've all been there, haven't we? Dealing with a stressed out or restless pet.

Dogs barking excessively or acting destructively while you're away. Cats scrambling to hide or lashing out with new people or pets. Anxiety in the car, pee or poo “messes” in the home, and both cats and dogs keeping you up at night, running around, and playing with their favorite noisy toys.

Oh, the joys and struggles of pet ownership!

Of course, we know this behavior doesn't come from nowhere. Pets will act out when stressed, anxious, restless, or afraid. But being sensitive to diet and exercise levels, and to changes in their environment and routine, it can be difficult to find the right approach to help your pet with their specific needs. Unfortunately, just like with you, situations your pets don't like will inevitably arise from time to time. When they do, it's a good idea to have a plan in place - a safe, natural way to take the edge off and help your pets relax. If you can do that, good behavior and a happier pet will naturally follow.

Ultimately, we all want our pets to feel confident and content!

Common Stress-Related Issues in Pets

Since our pets can't tell us they're feeling stressed, fearful, or restless, it's important we as owners know the signs. Has your cat or dog been exhibiting any of these symptoms?

Hiding More Than Usual · Urinating or Defecating Where They Shouldn't · Excessive Vocalization (Howling, Barking, Meowing, Yowling) · Destructive Behavior (Chewing, Digging, Scratching, Getting Into Things They Shouldn't) · Digestive Issues (Vomiting or Diarrhea) · Clingy Behavior (Following you wherever you go. Acting out when they can't get to you.) · Shaking or Trembling · Compulsive Behaviors (Pacing, Excessive Grooming, Excessive Licking, Excessive Sucking, Excessive Spinning, Excessive Tail Chasing) · Coprophagia (Eating Feces) · Aggression · Changes in Appetite (Eating More or Less than Usual) · Excessive Shedding or Skin Issues · Illness

Natural Ingredients + Vital Nutrition:
Why Dr. Char Chooses Chillout Chews

Hello! I'm Dr. Charline Wilson, DVM, affectionately known here as "Dr. Char." As a vet, I pride myself on a holistic approach to pet care and I opt for a safe, natural approach whenever possible. It's exciting to see more and more people realizing they don't need to choose between a safe, natural option or an effective one for their cats. You truly can have it all! That's why when patients come to me with stress and behavioral issues, I recommend Chillout Chews.

Alongside a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good amount of time with their people which I recommend for all my patients, the blend of nutrients in Chillout Chews naturally help support a calm, relaxed mood and behavior by providing dietary elements many cats and dogs lack in their everyday diet:

Thiamine: Also known as vitamin B1, thiamine (found in sunflower seeds) is known to support healthy brain function, stress-resistance, digestion, and cognitive functioning.

"Mother's Milk" Protein: A specific protein found in mother's milk called “alpha casozepine” is thought to contribute to the calm seen in kittens and puppies after feeding.

Rosemary Extract: With a wealth of phytochemicals and antioxidants, rosemary is known for its many health benefits and is commonly used for support of stress-resistance, digestion, and to promote brain health.

Canola Oil: Canola oil is naturally high in healthy omega 3 fatty acid which is known to support cognitive functioning and overall health.

Brewer's Yeast: A good source of B vitamins, chromium, and selenium, known to support both calm mood and an optimally healthy coat with minimal shedding.

L-Theanine: An amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine is known to support nerve transmission in the brain and for anxiety-resistance.

Without any harsh sedatives or the risks they carry ( including dependency, drowsiness, impaired motor skills, seizure, hypotension, and aggression), the combination of natural ingredients and supportive nutrients in Chillout Chews make it a safe, natural, and healthy way to support peaceful, calm mood and behavior in pets.

Just chew, soothe, and chill with Chillout Chews.

Directions: Put the Chillout Chew in your flat, open hand and hold out for your pet to take. (fig. 1) If your pet weighs 25 pounds or under, you can give them only half a chew. (fig. 2) If your pet will not take the chew this way, you can also add it into their food. (fig. 3)

Follow directions for use on the label.

After opening: Keep cap tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place.

Chillout Chews Supplement Facts

Protein Facts:

Active Ingredients Per 1 Soft Chew:

  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 134 mg
  • Colostrum Calming Complex 22 mg
  • L-Theanine (Suntheanine ®Brand) 21 mg

Inactive Ingredients: brewer's yeast, calcium sulfate, canola oil, chicken liver flavor, citric acid, glycerin, maltodextrin, mixed tocopherols, propionic acid, rosemary extract, silicon dioxide, sodium alginate, soy lecithin, vegetable oil

Product Questions

Chillout Chews contain no harmful fillers, steroids, or chemicals. Pregnant or lactating pets should not take Chillout Chews unless directed by a qualified veterinarian. As always, consult your veterinarian if you have a concern.

In 1994, Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that provided strict guidelines for the labeling and marketing of human dietary supplements. DSHEA established supplements intended for human consumption as a new class of food for purposes of federal regulation. Most animal health supplements are considered "drugs of low regulatory priority" and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If the product is intended as a source of minerals and vitamins for a non-human food chain animal (dogs, cats and horses), it is classified as a nutritional or feed supplement and regulated by the FDA and individual state feed control officers through the AAFCO Model Bill. Most states follow the recommendations of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Chillout Chews are considered an animal supplement, therefore falling into this category.

Directions are included on the label. You can give your pets Chillout Chews as a supplement during stressful situations.

Each pet 100 pounds and under will need approximately one bottle of Chillout Chews per month. Larger pets and pets in a stressful environment may use more than one bottle per month. See your pet's daily Chillout Chews dosage, also found on the product label:

Pet's Weight Daily Dosage Size
Cats and Dogs up to 25 lbs 1/2 chew daily
25 - 50 lbs 1 chew daily
51 - 100 lbs 2 chews daily
Over 100 lbs 3 chews daily

You can give your pet Chillout Chews whenever your feel they are experience a stressful situation. It is safe to double or triple the normal dosage amount on an as-needed basis.

The Office of Dietary Supplements of the US Food and Drug Administration suggests you check with your health care professional before taking a supplement, especially when combining or substituting them with other foods or medicine. We recommend you inform your veterinarian of your choice to use any natural products so they may have a full picture of your pet care regimen.

Along with taking the VETiONX product appropriate for your pet, pets should be given a diet low in grain and gluten, focusing on preparing a raw diet of meat and vegetables when possible. Other dietary restrictions, such as for diabetic pets, must also be taken into consideration. To support health, give enzymes with each meal, add a probiotic, and a fish oil or omega-3 supplement daily. Provide your pet with chemical-free, purified water. Regular moderate exercise for your pet will help to maintain and improve their health and keep the body systems working properly.

Absolutely. We recommend you stagger the doses throughout the day so your pet experiences the maximum effect from each product.

We are happy to answer your questions when you call toll-free 866.977.0888 or email